Aesthetics & Co. was founded by four close friends who are Interior Designers by profession and the design studio + boutique is based in Kohuwala, Sri Lanka. Our primary business is to supply architects, interior designers, residential clients & developers with all forms and styles of furniture & property styling + interior solutions
 Since its inception, Aesthetics & Co. has become synonymous for its High Quality Furniture for a reasonable price. For those who are aware of what is available and is manufactured in the local market ,our clientele has always commented about the ‘value for money’factor in our interior solutions or furniture.
 We actively take part in furniture making while also directing the work of our in house carpentry team. Each project is managed by the partners of the company on a regular basis by meetings between all contractors and suppliers. Only a handful no. of projects is under taken by us at a time, ensuring that each piece of furniture or interior concept is guided carefully from the drawing phase
through finishing stages and to the client’s home.
 Our clients actively participate in the ongoing design decisions affecting their residence or projects and are encouraged to always keep in touch with us or to visit us during all the design phases. Most find this experience interesting and rewarding.